Be Aware when Driving Home and Parking

Be alert and aware of our surroundings, especially when parking on our streets, or in your driveway. Residents have been robbed and carjacked when parking. If, as you are parking, and have a gut feeling that all is not well, do not take the chance of exiting, but pull back out on the street, make a 911 report of what you have observed and drive around the block a couple of times before coming back to see if the coast is clear for a safe exit to your destination.

Know Your Vehicle's License Plate Number

Representatives of the Atlanta Police Department have stressed the importance of knowing your license plate number so you can quickly and accurately make a police theft report either of the vehicle itself or of the plate. Routinely walk behind your vehicle to make sure that your plates have not been stolen. This is a common trick for criminals to steal plates from one car and attach them to another to confuse investigations.
If you are "memory-challenged", have this information written down in several places for easy recall.  Investigations are often hampered and slowed down, simply because victims cannot quickly furnish this vital information.
It's also a good idea to do the same with the vehicle's VIN number.

Don't walk alone late at Night

It is always preferable to walk in large groups, stick to well lit streets, and be aware of your surroundings. If you think someone is following you, go to the nearest safe place - an open business, the firehouse, a friends house, etc. If you have indulged in alcohol, ask a friend to help you home or take advantage of a ride share service. Criminals prowl the streets at bar closing time looking for victims who look easy. Don't let yourself become a victim.

Burned-out street lights

Georgia Power is now responsible for maintaining and servicing streetlights within the City of Atlanta’s right-of-way. Requests for streetlight repairs should be submitted to the Georgia Power Customer Service Center as follows:

Residential –
Call 1-888-660-5890
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Business –
Call 1-888-655-5888
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Streetlight outages and/or repairs may also be reported online by visiting the Georgia Power website, Report a Street Light Outage.