Thieves operate in our area who follow the UPS, FedEx, and USPS trucks, stealing delivered packages off your porch. You can prevent this from happening by shipping your package to a local businesses. As good neighbors, these business owners have agreed to accept your package and notify you that it has arrived.

Participating Merchants

Morningstar Mini-Storage

Before sending a package in care of them, stop by the merchant to sign up. A waiver is required before these businesses can accept your package. Locations can be found here.

Remember these businesses have limited storage space, so when you receive a call, stop by and retrieve your package promptly.

Please note as of November 1st, 2015 Intown Ace Hardware will no longer participate in the program. Rapid growth at the store has limited their storage space. However, we thank Micah and his team for pioneering this wonderful neighborhood service!