Alarm Systems

If you have a home alarm system it is important to turn it on even when you are at home. Some criminal are very bold and will not hesitate to enter your home even if there is evidence that someone is inside. Most modern systems allow you to arm the system in a manner that you will not set it off by moving around your house.
Registration of alarm systems in now required in the City of Atlanta. Find more information here.

Break down Boxes/Trash

When you make expensive purchases such as a new TV or other electronics, break down the boxes and stick them in your recycling bin. If a criminal knows that you just bought the latest and greatest, they may find more incentive to break into your home to steal that item.

Day Laborers

Though it is tempting to hire day laborers because they are inexpensive and don't have scheduling issues like a legal contractor, resist the urge. Some of these individuals will use this opportunity to case your house for a future theft. When you are picking someone up off the curb, it is impossible to know which are honest and which aren't. Don't risk it.

Double Key Locks

Install double key locks on all exterior doors especially if the door has a window or side lights. If the deadbolt has a thumb lock on the inside, it is too easy for a criminal to break the window, reach through, and open the door. Likewise, if you have double key locks, don't leave a key hanging in the lock on the inside. Some insurance companies give a discount on home owner's and renter's insurance for having more secure locking mechanisms.


If you have second story windows, make sure that ladders are secured and out of sight. Also, lock those upstairs windows. Even if you don't have a ladder handy, if your neighbor does, your unlocked windows - especially if they are not visible from the street - can become a target.

Know Your Neighbors

Get to know all of your nearby neighbors and let them know if you will be out of town. The extra set of eyes on your home, from someone who knows you and your habits, may well save you one day. Criminals hate nosy neighbors, but police love them!

Visible House Numbers

Make sure the numbers on your house are clearly visible from the street day or night. The few minutes a first responder spends trying to locate your home could make a world of difference.