screened porchDid you know that, as a member of VHSP you can request an officer to come to your home to review the security of your property? The officer will meet with you at a pre-arranged time and review all of the security measures you have taken. He may also suggest some that you haven't thought of - such as trimming hedges to a lower level so that neighbors can clearly see your front porch.

On a recent Monday evening a couple who are new members met with Sgt. Chris Clark to have their home evaluated. The process only took about 15 minutes, but the homeowner told us that, "he took the time to answer our questions and address our concerns. He also walked around inside our home as well as the exterior and provided feedback. We both appreciated Sgt. Clark's time and this thoughtful response to our questions and concerns."

When asked if they would recommend the evaluation to neighbors, they responded, "Absolutely. It is a complimentary service where an experienced officer offers feedback on the safety and security of your home. I would think everyone would want that! My husband and I both felt an increased sense of ease around our family's safety and now have a couple of items on our to do list to make our home that much safer.

Said husband added, "It felt good to have an experienced officer take a look. I think it is a good marketing tool for VHSP. Nice to have met Sgt. Clark, and we actually saw a few neighbors when we were looking at the outside of the house. We explained what we were doing and Sgt. Clark introduced himself. They seemed not to know about the complimentary security evaluation.

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