Benefits for condominium or apartment complexes are similar to the benefits for single family homes with some modifications. The party joining the patrol must be the condo association, building owner, or management company for the complex. Benefits for management and residents include:

  • Patrol schedule: e-mailed to the complex management for distribution to residents monthly
  • Cellphone number: available for all residents to call patrol officers directly while on duty
  • Vacation house checks: officers can check individual units only to the extent that they are visible from the exterior of buildings. Officers will not have access to interior hallways or pedestrian walkways within the complex.
  • Monthly newsletter: identifies recent crimes in beat 601, safety tips and reminders, and activities of the patrol during the prior month e-mailed to management for distribution to residents
  • Special Alerts: e-mail notification of any special concerns or lookouts that arise between reports
  • Yard sign: informs potential criminals that the complex is protected
  • Safe ride home: members can call officer during patrol times if they are away from home and feeling threatened
  • Officers are patrolling most likely crime areas of the neighborhood by car and on foot to spot potential criminal activity before it happens.
  • Officers will only have access to patrol parking areas within the complex if access is granted by the complex.

Additionally, there is a limit to the size of complex that may join and this is set at 40 units. Complexes with more than 40 units should employ dedicated onsite security, and the overlap with this patrol would only create confusion among residents about who to call.