Bill Skeens

Mary 4, 2016

Next up in our continuing series about the officers of our neighborhood patrol is Sergeant William (Bill) Skeens. Over the past month we have heard his name often as he has been instrumental in thwarting several crimes around the neighborhood including this attempted smash and grab at Threadz on St. Charles.

Some of us will gladly tell you anything you want to know. Sgt. Skeens is not that guy. Very reserved about his personal life and background, we know that he grew up in New England, served in the United States Marine Corp, has worked for the Atlanta Police Department for ten years, and served with our neighborhood patrol for seven.

The thing he likes best about being a police officer is catching the bad guys and he can’t think of any career he would rather pursue. When asked if he has a safety tip the sergeant suggested we should, “always be mindful of our surroundings”.

Our Bill Skeens may well be a man of few words, but that’s OK because he can surely get the job done, and one look at that stern face will convince anyone up to no good, that their fun is over!