Chip Cook

Investigator Charles (Chip) Cook is as close as the Virginia Highland Security Patrol can get to a local. He attended Inman Elementary School. That’s right, before Inman was a middle school, it served younger children as an elementary school. In addition to that fine start, Investigator Cook attended Kennesaw University to study finance, but in 1987 instead of becoming a CPA or going to work for a bank, he decided to join the Atlanta Police Department.

His varied background with the department includes stints with Homeland Security/Intelligence, License and Permits, and many years investigating drug related crimes. He also served in uniform patrol for Zone 6 and was assigned to the Virginia Highland beat car (beat 601) for a short time. For over twenty years of that time he has served with VHSP. That longevity has allowed him to come to know the neighborhood, the people who live here, and the people who target us.

Outside of his service to the city of Atlanta and Virginia Highland, Chip has been married to his wife for 27 years. They have six wonderful children, two dogs, and two cats. That’s a full household!

Chip tells us that, “I have enjoyed the many unique opportunities that have come my way during my career in law enforcement.  However, I have to say that my main motivation to work in law enforcement has always been to be a small part of helping people and making life better for those in my circle of influence.”

When asked if he had a safety tip for us, he replied, “My safety tip to our VHSP members would be to not make yourself an easy target, by doing or not doing the little obvious things that keep you from becoming a victim.”

Great advice. Thanks Investigator Cook. While most of us are sleeping when you are out on patrol, it’s good to know you are keeping watch!